About BBD

We are a small team offering consulting services based on years-long experience from cooperation with organisations in the Danish industry.

Management Consulting
We do not make management consulting a science. That is not what the small business need.
We do the job in a close cooperation with the management by making ourselves well acquainted with every important fact about the company, by analysing and preparing and eventually implementing the solution concept.
During the assignment we will keep the management duly informed on a continuing basis.

Special Lighting Industry Assignments

The assignments will be undertaken in cooperation with a number of experienced companies and individuals within the industry.
The keywords here are technical and managerial competence and a strong industry network.

Been Business Development Aps - Skovalléen 26 - DK-2880 Bagsværd, Denmark - Tel: (+45) 40 11 70 78 - Fax: (+45) 70 20 67 40

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